Horse don't love having their pictures taken.

At least mine don't, definitely not without some sort of bribery! Thankfully I have a few tips that can help you take better pictures of your horse at home to share with the world.

  1. Get low: bend those knees! I can promise you that if you bring your camera/phone to your horses midline/slightly below versus, just taking an picture at standing height, it will make a huge difference! The only exceptions are if you have a draft horse: definitely stay standing! Unless you want him to look otherworldly, and if you have ponies, lay on the ground! Get lowwww!
  2. All about the angles: The angle at which you photograph your horse is VERY important. Whatever is closest to the camera is the largest. So if you want to show off that big booty your horse has, stay slightly to the hind end of center. If you want to make sure you're showing true proportions, it's important to stay as close to center as possible. Avoid head on, especially with a phone camera, that's how you get the disproportionately long faces!
  3. Attention getters: This is the bread and butter. The most important. How do you get those DARN EARS FORWARD?! Well I have a few things up my sleeve. The first one is youtube. Yup, straightforward. I have a particular video with different horse neighs that peaks a TON of a interest in my horses. The next thing I will sometimes use is my game calls. I have a few game calls that I've used with dogs that I will at times use for the horses and can get some ears from. And finally, my voice. I make alllllll kinds of weird noises. I have long since got over feeling silly. It's worth it for the ears! Oh and if worse comes to worse, grab that grain bucket and shake it baby!