Meet Kayt

Kayt is a mom to a little human, her dogs Bellamy & Eva, kitty Basil, snake Kyle and a coop of quail! She has a degree in Equine Science and years of experience in the veterinary field, along with many years behind the camera.

Some things she likes to do when she isn’t behind the camera includes hiking, crafting, and spending time with her kiddo. Oh and streaming (Netflix, Disney+, Hulu…). Favorite shows include: Schitt's Creek, Rick & Morty, and various documentaries.

Her schooling and work experience allows her to capture your pet’s unique personality through her photography and that special bond between you and your companion. Whether it’s your horse, dog, cat, or iguana, she’s ready to provide you with amazing portraits to love and cherish for decades to come.

"Kayt took photos of my dog Dax. He is among the dorkiest dogs on the planet so I wasn't holding out much hope for good pictures from ANYONE, much less a talented photographer. Kayt was AMAZING with my dog and knew EXACTLY how work with him to get him positioned for great pictures. As for me, my wallet was much lighter after buying the whole gallery because I couldn't choose just one of the pictures she took. My dog and I both had a wonderful experience and 1000% recommend Kayt Winkels Photography and look forward to working with her again!!"
--Amanda Monson