2024 Schedule of events

Below are my contracted and scheduled dates for 2024. If you would like your event added to my calendar, please email me at kaytwinkels@gmail.com.


  • 13-14th - Ringsides for Winnegamie Dog Club, Inc., Oshkosh, WI
  • 20th-21st - Central Iowa AKC All Breed (RINGSIDES), Des Moines, IA
  • 26th-28th - Out Of Town - Personal Vacation


  • 10th & 11th - Dodge County Canine Club UKC Show, Amherst, WI
  • 17th & 18th - Cyclone Country Kennel Club (RINGSIDES), Des Moines, IA
  • 23rd-25th - RRNDOC Agility Trial, West Fargo, ND


  • 22nd-24th - Illini Great Dane Club, Frankfort, IL
  • 29th-31st - Scottsbluff Kennel Club (RINGSIDES), Mitchell, NE


  • 4th-5th - Kennel Club of Greater Victoria AKC All Breed Win Photos, Rosenberg, TX
  • 22nd-25th - Clumber Spaniel National Specialty, Morgantown, PA


  • 4th & 5th - UKC Spring Cluster, Conformation Ringside & Win Photos, Hutchinson, MN
  • 11th & 12th - Dodge County Canine Club UKC Show, Jefferson, WI
  • 24th - Lochland Shetland Sheepdog Specialties, St. Peter, MN


  • 1st-2nd - FMKC All Breed Conformation Show - Fargo, ND
  • 8th-9th - Central Wisconsin Dog Sports Club UKC Show - Amherst, WI
  • 13-16th - Attending UKC Premier


  • 11th-14th - Dodge County Canine Club UKC Show, Ladysmith, WI
  • 26th-28th - Central Wyoming Kennel Club (RINGSIDES) - Casper, WY


  • 3rd-4th - Bismarck Kennel Club AKC All Breed Show (RINGSIDES), Bismarck, ND


  • 6th-8th - Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association UKC Show, Bemidji, MN
  • 14th & 15th - Central Wisconsin Dog Sports Club UKC Show, Stevens Point, WI (secondary trained photographer under my company)
  • 14th & 15th - Rochester MN Kennel Club All Breed Show, Rochester, MN
  • 28th-30th - Sheltie Puppy Palooza, La Porte City, IA


  • 26th-27th - Coulee Kennel Club AKC All Breed Show, Winona, MN