Well it's 2021 and the year is already underway! A lot has happened in these first two weeks, and I'm looking forward to this year. 

One of the things I'm starting back up is my blog. A goal of mine is to be much more consistent with it. I have joined a few groups to help me reach this goal, as well as started a new online planner system. The other day I opened up a word generator and coincidentally it provided me with the word 'revival' on the first go. 

There are several definitions of revival, the first of which is: "restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc." I thought it was quite fitting for my first go of the new year so it is my theme for the month. I've been a little on the quiet side of my photography with the colder winter weather, holiday season, and covid but I'm looking forward to amping things back up and getting behind the camera again. 

A project I am getting started on is converting one of our grain bins on the farm into a studio. While it won't be as warm as a house in the winter, or as cool in the summer, I am looking forward to using it when able to get some stellar shots! Right now I'm working on getting some furnishings for it to make it feel more 'home-like' and getting it organized etc. Keep an eye on my insta-stories for progress! 

Last but not least I want to touch base on an upcoming February event: My Paw-fect Valentine! Similar to the Howli-day sessions I held back in November, this event is going to raise money for a charity; this time Journey Home Animal Rescue. They will be held at my farm just south of Fisher, MN and all critters are welcome, including horses!

If you're interested in more information and getting signed up for these limited edition sessions, click here