Frequently Asked Questions

If these don’t answer a question of yours, have no fear! Shoot me a message and I will answer any that you have.

How do I schedule a session?

Please fill out the short contact form here and I will contact you to schedule a consultation. This is either done over the phone or in person and we talk about you and your pets, your goals, and what to expect moving forward, along with scheduling a date that works for you.

Do you travel?

Yes! I travel primarily within the states of Minnesota and North Dakota, but I’m game to travel anywhere! Reach out to me for more information on figuring out a more detailed plan.

Do you photograph other animals besides dogs and horses?

Yes! While those are my specialty, I have photographed cats, people, and I am very open to other critters as well. Touch base with me and we can explore the possibilities.

Can I be in the picture with my pet?

Yes! Anyone who is part of the family can join in on the pictures during the session and at no additional cost. Whether it’s your kids’ and their pets or just you and your horse, we will capture the moments you want to remember forever.

Do you take credit cards or PayPal?

Yes! A booking fee is required at the time of session scheduling and is applied to your desired package at your ordering session.

What should I do to prepare for my session?

Check out my blog page as I have suggestions for both equines and canines alike! We’ll also go over this during your consultation.

What if my pet is very anxious, especially with unknown people or places?

If your pet regularly takes a medication for this, it is important to do so the day of the session as well. If your pet has any specific fears or anxieties, please let me know during our consultation so we can plan appropriately. I have a good understanding of pet behavior and will never put your pet in a situation that is dangerous. I believe in creating a fear free environment and creating a session that is as least stressful as possible (for your pet AND you!)

What should I wear?

That’s a great question! While I discuss this in depth during our consultation you'll also receive a basic guide at the time of scheduling.

Do I need to bring any accessories for my pets?

If your pet is used to wearing them, you are more than welcome to bring them! If they aren’t, then don’t. We don’t want to throw too many strange things at them all in one day! If they have any favorite toys, blanket, etc, you are welcome to bring those if you’d like them included in the photos with your pet.

Should I bring treats?

Sure! I do have a variety of treats on hand, however if there is a treat your pet loves the most or perhaps if your pet has allergies then please bring them.

Should my pet be fed prior to their session?

Yes and no…. if your session is with your dog, cat, or other household pet that is treat motivated, I recommend an empty stomach so that our treats go a lot further! When it comes to your horse however, it is VERY important that they maintain their regular feeding schedule, I promise, a horse waiting for overdue grain is NOT a happy one!

Does my pet need to be current on vaccinations?

Yes. All dogs and cats need to be current on their rabies vaccination. They should also be protected from fleas/ticks with their preventative.

Do you work with aggressive animals?

I do not.

My dog or pet does not get along with other pets, will that be ok?

Yes! If you have your sessions at my home studio, my personal dog and cat will be put away out of sight so that your pet will not have to interact with them. Remember, I do travel so if having a session at your personal home is better for you and your pet, that is totally doable!

Does my pet need to be on leash/in a carrier?

Yes. Upon arrival and leaving it is important for your pet’s safety that they are on leash or if they are transported in a kennel, to do so.