Senior Dog Photography Project

Appreciating the aged dogs in our lives

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
―M.K. Clinton

While my pets are currently in their younger years, I have a big love for old dogs. The wisdom, kindness, and understanding that they carry in their eyes and demeanor is unmistakable.

They've tolerated a lot over their years. From rambunctious children, to bathing after a romp in the mud. They've guarded the home, and snuggled when you're sad. We have been their world and they have appreciated every moment with us.

Senior dogs are special and they deserve a place in our hearts. They deserve to be remembered well past the time they are with us on this Earth. Which is why I am starting a senior dog project. I want to take portraits of senior dogs and learn their stories. Learn about what they've done for their families and share them with others.

senior dog papillion

What's Involved

Anyone who is interested may fill out the application below. This provides me with more information about you and your sweet canine. We then set up a Zoom meeting (web call) to chat about your pet and share their story. 

Then we decide a date/time/location for your session. You may either come to our farm in Fisher, MN or I can come to you. We take some time to capture stunning images of your senior companion. When the images are complete we’ll do another online chat and go over the images and you get to choose one to have as an 8x10 print.


The cost for the session is $75 per dog, and it would take place at our farm in Fisher. If I do need to travel to you, there will be a small additional fee to cover those expenses. As mentioned previously, you will also receive an 8x10 image from the finished gallery for participating.

If you’d like to opt to have more than just your senior pet photographed (such as family portraits, other pets, etc.) you can upgrade to a full session. Click here for session information:

Want to participate?

If you're interested in participating with your dog, please click here:

Senior Dog Project Application

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